2019 Lifestyle Changes To Take Note

Dear esteemed reader, welcome aboard 2019. Have you made your resolutions yet, or have you broken some already? Well, here is a few points to ponder about that may be of help towards achieving a better version of who you are and what you plan to achieve at the end of this year.

It can be hard sticking to the resolutions that we make due to the indefinite changes that occur in the course of the year’s progress but how about you decide to set realistic smaller goals along the way to make baby steps towards your end goal?
In this article, I am taking you through a few lifestyle changes that will slowly but eventually make a positive impact on the final picture.

Hold yourself accountable
As a human being, there is always going to be mistakes, failures and incomplete missions that you register at the end of the year. The unfortunate bit however, is shifting all the blame to someone or something.  Sometimes we even go further to blame the government for what we didn’t accomplish. This 2019, learn to convict yourself for most of the half-baked results because in doing so, you will endeavor to do better in the next trial.

Be kind to yourself
Despite all the mishaps that we encounter, it is not ideal to blame and torture oneself for things that didn’t go the way one planned. Be of courage and look out for the open doors instead of focusing on the wrongs that you actually cannot undo to make right.

Build inner walls
In building inner walls, I don’t mean cutting off friends and family from oneself, we all need them but in reality, no one takes interest in “ever complaining” friends or family members. Learn to contain yourself even in the most raging storms. Do not expose your brokenness to every body, try and draw strength from within, involve second and third parties when you have at least 40% of the situation under control.

Celebrate little accomplishments
In the hustle of buying that dream car or building that residential mansion, do not get carried away in the stresses and exhaust of “keeping it all together” and having everything figured out. Look at the little things that you have managed to do right and celebrate them. Things like mending broken relationships with family members, enhancing physical and mental health, keeping self discipline at a high end and maybe reading that super educating book that your peers have talked to you about.

All in all, do not lose the present in striving hard to make the future bright. Live each day with gratitude and do the best of what you can, sometimes you need to sleep and the weight you are carrying will be lighter at the break of dawn. Have the best of this yet another new year.



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