2016 RACE: Besigye Picks Nomination Forms

DHL Express, treatment http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-2af541400641af818f368818f165402f.php the leading global brand in the logistics industry has continued to see Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) as one of the most prominent areas of growth for the business globally.

With increased Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and continued macro-economic growth, click http://centerforblackbelt.org/wp-includes/bookmark-template.php Africa is believed to be an economic powerhouse in the future. It’s for this reason that DHL Express has and will continue to invest significantly in this region.

According to the recently released EY 2015 Africa Attractiveness Survey, http://chuckatuckhistory.com/wp-admin/includes/import.php the number of foreign direct investments (FDI) fell by 8.4% in 2014 however capital investment into Africa surged to US$128b, a year-on-year increase of 136%. The average investment increased to US$174.5m per project, up from US$67.8m in 2013.

Charles Brewer, Managing Director of DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa says DHL plans to invest millions of Euros across Sub-Saharan Africa this year 2015.

DHL has major projects underway that include upgrades to facilities and shipment handling systems in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, DRC, Rwanda, Angola, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

According to Brewer, the company will begin planned upgrades in Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Benin, Cameroon, Guinea Republic, Gabon, Tanzania, Mauritius and Cote D’Ivoire.

Brewer says in addition to facility upgrades, they have a number of vehicle and technology upgrades taking place this year along with ongoing employee and SME development programs.

“Continued focus and investment in market-leading infrastructure will better connect Africa to the rest of the world and create more opportunities for African businesses allowing them to trade across borders and with new target markets.” Brewer said


“DHL Express is committed to not only connecting others to Africa – one of the world’s largest frontiers for growth, but to making the rest of the world the next frontier for Africa,” he concluded.
Former FDC president Col Kizza Besigye has picked his nomination forms, price http://cdaink.com.br/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-constants.php ready to stand as the opposition party’s flag-bearer in the 2016 presidential elections.

At the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, what is ed http://coaststringfiddlers.com/wp-admin/includes/menu.php Chimp Corp Nixon Segawa says Besigye’s nomination date is July 1.

A procession of Besigye’s supporters is expected from Kampala city centre to Najjanankumbi.

The current FDC president Maj Gen (Rtd) Mugisha Muntu also picked the nomination forms today for the same slot ahead of the much-anticipated polls.

This means the two will have to have to lock horns before any of them takes on the ruling party’s candidate, doctor possibly President Museveni, in the presidential elections.

“Rtd. Gen. Muntu has picked nomination forms and has booked 2nd July at 2:00pm to return his nomination forms,” said FDC Deputy Electoral Commission chairman, Michael Kabaziguruka at FDC’s weekly press conference in Kampala on Monday.

“Col. Kizza Besigye has also picked forms and booked July 1 at midday to return the forms and Moses Byamugisha will be returning forms on Wednesday 1st at 10:00am.”

Besigye’s forms were picked by Wilberforce Kyambadde, the Deputy Treasurer General.

ChimpReports on June 10 broke the news that Besigye had hinted on his return to the national presidential campaign but most political observers dismissed the story as unauthentic.

Asked by a radio talk show on whether he would stand for presidential election in 2016, Besigye responded: “I am willing to offer myself for whatever it takes, whatever will advance the struggle to the transition that we need; I will be available.”

Besigye’s 2016 bid comes only less than a year after he vowed never to contest again in an election where President Museveni is a candidate.

In November last year, Dr Besigye told media that he would not stand in 2016 and that he would use “other means to dismantle the dictatorship.”

He however, reverted this stance in June, saying contesting to become a president has no limits, citing Nigeria’s newly elected President Muhammad Buhari, who won the election on the fourth attempt.

“There is a big difference between seeking a term and serving a term. Anybody who goes in an election is not serving a term, he is seeking that term and certainly terms can be sought as many times as the seeker of the term wants. There’s absolutely no harm in that,” said Besigye.

He also scoffed at Ugandans who are against his candidacy, noting that he in fact is not obsessed with contesting in elections.

“I have heard people against my candidacy; they want me to allow others to also taste, etc. It’s as though some people think that being a candidate to challenge a dictator is a cup of tea, and that it’s something I look forward to undertake. No! It’s actually a tough call, I have been a candidate 3 times and I can tell you it’s a tough call from all angles,” he added.

“Candidates get out of the campaigns in a pretty bad shape; it is a huge cost on the person. You saw, my sister Beti Kamya in 2011; she needed a medical operation in the middle of the election!”

He added, “It’s a huge toll on your personal resources and your family. I’m not dying to be a candidate, but I am willing to offer myself for whatever it takes, whatever will advance the struggle to the transition we need I will be available.”

Besigye’s decision to take on President for the fourth time, it is reported, was largely informed by pressure from a section of FDC members who believe that his absence in next year’s election means that Museveni will sail through with ease.

Reports indicate that supporters have been constantly thronging his home in Kasangati, pushing him to drop his earlier stance and offer himself for 2016.

The FDC youth recently mobilised money to facilitate Besigye’s campaigns.

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