2016: Muntu Nominated, Warns Police on Panicking

The Ugandan Cabinet has approved the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Bill, remedy 2015. The Minister of Trade, information pills Industry and cooperatives has in this regard been instructed to have the Bill Printed, information pills gazetted and introduced in Parliament for debate and enactment.

This was announced in a press statement released by Jim K. Muhwezi, Minister for information and national guidance.

According to the statement, the main objective of the Bill is to provide for the formation of contracts, the effect of a contract, the performance of contracts, the remedies of parties in a contract and also to reform and replace the existing sale of Goods Act, Cap.82 and for related matters on sale of goods and supply of services

“The Government of Uganda has committed itself to revising the commercial laws of Uganda, in order to support private sector development and to encourage private investment,” the statement highlighted.

The sale of Goods Act, Cap 82 which now applies in Uganda sets forth the legal framework for the sale of goods between a buyer and a seller.

The Act came into force on January 1 , 1932 by the virtue of Ordinance No. 28 of 1930 and was codified verbatim in Chapter 79 of the Laws of Uganda of 1964.
The principles to be embodied in the Electricity Act 1999 (Amendment bill, sildenafil 2015) have been approved by the Cabinet of Uganda.

Cabinet in this regard authorized the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development to issue drafting instructions to the first Parliamentary Counsel to draft the Electricity Act (Amendment) Bill.

It also directed the Ministers of Health, what is ed Energy and Mineral Development, stuff Information and National Guidance, as well as Office of the President and Kampala Capital City Authority to prepare to submit a Cabinet Paper on the dangers posed to the population through the practice of living under high voltage power transmission lines.


According to the Press Statement issued by the Minister if Information and National Guidance, the approved principles to be embodied in the electricity Act, 1999 (Amendment Bill) include the

  • Establishment of a new institution – the Rural Electrification Commission (REC) to handle Rural Electrification.
  • Introduction of service territories or rural concessions to supply electricity service in rural areas.
  • Introduction of stringent penalties for power theft and damage to electrical installations.
  • Exemption of electrical equipment in the possession of a third party as well as from attachment through Court Orders
  • Increase membership of the Electricity Tribunal to 7 members.
  • Increasing the maximum levy that the electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) can receive from 0.3 to 1% of the electricity generated.
  • Introduction of a maximum levy that the Electricity Disputes Tribunal can receive of 0.1% of the electricity generated.
  • Authorized embedded generators or small power plants to sell electrical energy in bulk to customers.
  • Designation of other power buyers on application and approval by the Authority.
  • Empowering licenses to use land in emergency situations.
  • Provision for the Minister to issue all statutory instruments, save for regulators which deal with industry regulation and compliance.
  • Successor Companies of Uganda Electricity Board and all sector institutions to report to the Minister responsible for the Electricity sub-sector.
  • Providing for Environment Impact Assessment concerns.
  • Providing for the funding of Infrastructural developments under the sector.

The enactment of the Electricity Act 1999 was a major step in the restructuring process of the electricity sector that was dictated mainly by the need to create large investments in the sector, and for better service delivery to electricity consumers

It established the Electricity Regulation Authority (ERA) as the independent sector regulator and Uganda Electricity Disputes Tribunal to hear and expeditiously determine disputes related to the sector among key players.

Under the Act the Government of Uganda, through the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) retained a monopoly on electricity transmission and bulk energy trading business.

Some provisions of this law have created operational challenges which have serious implications for the effective performance of the electricity sector

Therefore the need for the introduction of an adequate regulatory enforcement required for principles to be embodied in the electricity Act, 1999 (Amendment Bill)
A day after Dr. Kizza Besigye was nominated; FDC President, there Rtd Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu has also been nominated as the party flag-bearer in the forthcoming 2016 Presidential elections.

Unlike on Wednesday when Besigye was nominated but in absentia, the situation was calm today as Muntu’s supporters escorted him from Kibuye to the party headquarters at Najjanankumbi with a few policemen present to control the situation.

Muntu was seconded by among others Soroti Woman legislator Angelina Osege.

Speaking shortly  after nomination, Muntu said its high time the country underwent a transformation  which he said can only be done through removal of the NRM regime which he said has is responsible for much of the suffering in the country.

“We are tired of being held hostage and betrayed by the people we vote into power who instead of serving us are now turning into our masters. Billions of shillings are spent on things that don’t matter leaving out the crucial issues like the high unemployment rates,” Muntu noted.

“Recently the regime deployed thousands of policemen because of fear of just a political opponent (Mbabazi) .There was no need of such a big number of security personnel.”

Muntu  celebrates his nomination with supporters
Muntu celebrates his nomination with supporters

The FDC President said that there is no genuine democracy in the country as long as some people are stopped from expressing their views noting that there is need for a haul of the current system if the country is to be transformed.

Muntu warned that the forthcoming elections should not be a competition between individuals or parties but about seeing the country is liberated to become a better state.

The opposition Attorney General   Abdul Katuntu said that the time is ripe for the FDC to capture power from President Museveni considering what he termed as a new player to be fielded to counter the NRM in the forthcoming elections.

“In football when a coach has a team that plays each year in the league but never wins the trophy, he can’t stick to it. A good manager changes the goalkeeper, midfielders and strikers because what the fans want is not playing decent football but wining trophies,” Katuntu said on Wednesday.

He added,” Muntu is a decent politician that the party and opposition need and we should always rally behind him.”

Muntu Warns Police

Meanwhile FDC President Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu has warned the police force against being panicky in the forthcoming general elections as this would breed chaos in the country.

Muntu made the remarks on Thursday morning shortly after visiting Godrey Bbaale who was short in the arm and thigh by police who were dispersing Besigye supporters on Wednesday afternoon.

“It seems they have become more and more panicky and this was witnessed through the use of live ammunition and the shooting of the supporters but was uncalled for. It was unfortunate that they had to do it.” Muntu noted.

He added,” The command in police needs to know that the period we are going in for is more intense in terms of the campaigns. This will keep on building momentum and pressure .They need to prepare themselves for that situation or else we will see more problems.”

Muntu urged the law enforcement body to become more restrained in terms of using excessive force so as to avoid making avoidable mistakes.

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