Kabale RDC Labels Besigye 'Mentally Sick'

approved sans-serif; color: #222222;”>While appearing on a heated Hope radio talk show programme on Sunday night with Dr. Besigye, RDC Nandinda repeatedly said that he only works for the ruling party.

According to Besigye, the RDC is a civil servant who is paid by the ministry of the Public Service using public resources.

He wondered why an RDC would proclaim being partisan yet the money he gets is from all Ugandans and not only the NRM members.

“How do you expect service delivery from such a person who has a narrow thinking? He only works for the ruling government yet he is earning from the citizens taxes!”

Besigye said that he is taking the talk show recording to Parliament for immediate action.


Article (203) of the Ugandan Constitution states that there shall be each an RDC for each district who shall be appointed by the president; clause 3(a) says the core role of the RDC is to monitor and implement the central and local government programmes in the district while (c) adds that the RDC may perform such other functions as may be assigned by the President or prescribed by the Parliament by law.

When Chimpreports contacted Nandinda for a comment, he labelled Besigye as being “mentally ill” adding, that they shall meet in the Parliament.

Nandinda noted that he was appointed by the President who is the supreme leader of the party adding, that he must work for the party.

“As an RDC, I am the chief party mobiliser in the district and Besigye is doing things that are above him. Let him continue, we shall see.”

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