PHOTOS: Meet Bishop Hilderman

Hilderman shocked and excited revelers who turned up for his show at Hotel Africana in Kampala during the weekend when he turned up in non-liturgical clothing worn exclusively by the clergy.cialis 40mg http://cirgroup.com/typo3conf/ext/sr_freecap/pi2/class.tx_srfreecap_pi2.php geneva;”>

Nevertheless, the Mazongoto fame star looked strikingly fashionable in the large, flowing garment.

Fans cheered him on as he took to the stage, waving the Bishop’s stick commonly known as a “crook” topped with a silver pommel.

Hilderman giving blessings to his fans


For the better part of his presentation, Hilderman danced alongside his fans in the Bishop’s clothing.

The pictures could trigger debate on musicians’ choice of attire during music concerts.

Jose Chameleone was once cautioned for wearing police uniform at a music gig.

Hilderman in action

The singer later changed his outfit

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