EC Seeks Bigger Budget For 2016 Polls

approved geneva;”>information pills sans-serif; color: #222222;”>MPs on the committee chaired by the Ntengeru South Member of Parliament, Amos Lugolobi, say that the funds allocated to the Electoral Commission are so meagre and cannot facilitate free and fair elections.

They urged that government to address the issue before the country faces political catastrophes like South Sudan and Somalia.

Godfrey Ekanya, the Member of Parliament for Tororo county, argues that government is being unfair by allocating a mere Shs 44bn to the Electoral Commission which is too small compared to the expected work.

“How can a full chairman of the EC earn Shs 4m, IGG and DPPs earn less than Shs 4m yet the Executive Director KCCA, Jenifer Musisi, is earning Shs 40m? This is unfair,” Ekanya pointed out.

“The Electoral Commission governs the political environment of the country and so it should be funded fairly.”


He added: “We want government to lay off some of the employees in the public service and reduce on the number of MPs so that some money can be saved to cater for such important things like EC.

He further urged government to increase the salaries of EC workers which he said are still peanuts.

MPs also called upon government to prioritise EC because it is one of the pillars of democracy citing South Sudan and Somalia conflicts that were caused by failure of democracy in the Electoral Commission.

EC had requested for Shs 160bn, in the 2013/14 budget but legislators have approved the increment from Shs 44bn to Shs 105bn so that the country achieves a free and fair electoral process in 2016.

MPs suggested that government borrows money from NSSF to facilitate the construction of the new EC headquarters because the electoral body is currently sitting on a wetland liable to demolition.

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