South Sudan

Kiir Promises Rebels Amnesty, Postpones 2015 Polls

sales geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The President made the revelations through the official government social media Twitter account today.

“When people participate, we will have permanent peace in South Sudan. The national unity government will bring all people together,” Kiir announced.

Kiir revealed that the current problem is that his rival and former deputy Machar “wants to become President of the interim government” but swore that this end won’t be achieved.

“But I am telling him that I was elected to this seat by the people,” Kiir warned.

He added: “The interim government will comprise all political parties in South Sudan. All the people in South Sudan will be able to participate.”


Kiir pledged that once a peace agreement is reached, his government will pardon rebels and focus on the future.

“Let us reach an agreement first and after we do that, we will pardon the rebels and after all this, we will talk of the interim government.”

He further observed that after political agreements, they “will think on how to bring people together…rebels will be pardoned through a general amnesty”.

Meanwhile, Kiir further announced that the general elections will not take place in 2015 but have been extended for two or three years to first tackle reconciliation among the people.

South Sudan general elections were scheduled to be held July 9, 2015 but as things stand now, they could be conducted in 2017 or 2018.

On ceasefire breach and renewed fighting, Kiir said he had ordered government forces not to lift a foot from where they are to attack rebels. “Our troops will only fight in self-defence”.

He, however, quoted UNMISS in Bentiu confirming that the rebels attacked his forces.

“It is not a baseless claim. Again at 8:20am, they also attacked our forces in Kilo 50 and at 9:00am, they also launched attacks on our forces in Mathiang.”

Earlier on, he had accused rebels of attacking Rubkona “in just two days after we made the agreement”.

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