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INVESTIGATION: Kid Fed Mud As Food For 3 Years

advice http://chat.novaintermed.ro/wp-content/plugins/dropdown-menu-widget/shailan-page-walker.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>However, illness further interaction reveals that the young boy is battling brain haemorrhage.

The trauma started after being abandoned by his mother, Bila Nanyombi, three years ago and then maltreated by his aunt.

Despite her promises to regularly send upkeep, Nanyombi quickly forgot about her son, only calling once in a while to inquire whether he had died.

He was systematically denied food, and starved to emaciation.

Neighbour speaks out


Eseza Nabutono, a neighbour to his aunt, recollects that, “Kaweesi was never treated like the other children in the home. He was denied food and if given, it was usually a small portion given once a day or sometimes nothing at all. This always prompted him to pick soil and mud around him to eat it as food”.

“Worse still, Kaweesi always slept on the cold floor without any bedding on his flimsy body. All this happened, as his cousins enjoyed full meals and comfortable beddings,” the neighbour adds.

Efforts to talk to Kaweesi’s aunt by Mwana Mugimu, a Nutritionist Organisation based at Mulago hospital and interested in taking care of the child were futile as she adamantly refused to comply many times claiming that she was too busy taking care of her own children.

God answers Kaweesi’s prayers

Kaweesi’s turning point came in November last year when he was rescued by The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN).

Weak, frail and unable to support himself, he was taken to Nsajja Health Centre IV where he received treatment and nutrition supplements.

The case was reported to Mukono Police Station, and immediately both the aunt and mother were arrested.

Police investigations revealed that the boy’s father had been sending upkeep, but the money was misused by his caretakers.

Even with the medical interventions, Kaweesi cannot talk.

The medical team working on him blames this on the brain damage he suffered due to the long-time trauma.

On a light note though, “he is back on his feet with a healthy look” a health worker noted as he now weighs 21.5kg contrary to the 14kg he weighed at the time he was rescued. He looks jolly and keeps dancing.

Meanwhile, a criminal case was handled in court, and the mother was sentenced to community service for three months while the aunt was charged with child abuse and the case is currently in court.

However, it remains to be seen if the sentences will stop the reoccurrence of similar cases in the district, according to ANPPCAN, as his fate is a tale suffered by many children in the country.

“Last year, we handled more than 1000 cases of child neglect out of the total 4,117 child abuse cases reported,” explains Marlon Agaba, the Programmes Coordinator at ANPPCAN Uganda.

Kaweesi is currently under custody of a care taker, one Elizabeth Nalweyiso from where he receives regular nutrition therapy at Noah’s Ark Children Ministry Clinic-Malnutrition Unit in Mukono before he is resettled with his family.

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