2 Killed By Floods in Kigezi

At least 2 people have been killed by running water in Rukiga and Kisoro districts.

One of the victims Yoweri Mbabazi, 78, a resident of Busigyi village, Busanza Sub County and Kisoro district was killed when the floods swept away his house.

Wilson Ngomanziiza, the Busigyi village LCI Chairperson says that when the incident occurred during the heavy downpour, children who were with Mbabazi in the house sleeping fled but Mbabazi failed to run outside and was buried by rubbles and mud.

Ngomanziiza says that the heavy downpour which started at around 8:30 pm on Tuesday rained up to around 5 am on Wednesday.

Rose Kabagyenyi, the Kisoro woman MP says several houses and gardens were destroyed by the rains.

She called for the government through the Office of the Prime Minister to intervene and help those that have been left homeless.

Relatedly in K arubanda village, Bukinda sub county in Rukiga district, a 55-year-old man Johnson Nyakeiru, was also killed by floods.

Justus Majomba, a neighbour says he heard Nyakeiru screaming for help during a heavy downpour at around 3:00 am.


Heee says the locals managed to come in and rescue Majomba after his house collapsed and took him to hospital where he died shortly afterwards.

Aggrey Mugisha, Bukinda sub-county LCIII Chairman says the rains which lasted ten hours destroyed five houses and gardens of onions, beans, sorghum, maize, banana and cabbages among others.

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