Muhakanizi: We’ll Stop State House Supplementary Budget

information pills sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, look Mr Keith Muhakanizi, approved said on Thursday that his freshly introduced financial reforms had already manifested tremendous successes, whose details he refrained from divulging until September this year.

Some of these reforms he said had helped bring down for the first time, this Financial Year’s supplementary budget to only about 3% which is the maximum allowed by Section 12(1) of the Budget Act.

‘The Dictator at Ministry of Finance’ as he fancies referring to himself, Mr Muhakanizi said that restraining government supplementary expenditure is more of a political than technical battle which places many things at stake.

“Of course supplementaries don’t go to small guys,” he said. “They go to the most powerful institutions like State House, Parliament, Ministry of Defence and such.”

He noted that this was the reason everybody never believed him when he vowed to fight and defeat supplementary budgets.


Indeed as of now, he said, discipline is steadily being realised.

“This year we have not given a single supplementary to State House. It’s a shock to everyone at the ministry. Whether they feared our noise or not, I think they should be congratulated.”

State House last year bent the boundaries when it obtained a record an extra Shs 139bn for ’emergency’ expenditure, bringing its total budget for that year to Shs 204.4bn.

Most of this, it emerged, went to food, welfare, newspapers, electricity, donations and travelling, among others.

The PS said while addressing a budget conference in Kampala, that this year’s Supplementary allocation of about Shs 138bn went to the National ID card Project.

“There were some mistakes in the project but we allowed the allocation because we feared spending an even bigger chunk for people to register again for the polls in 2016,” he explained.

The other extra funding went to Ministry of Defence to facilitate the national army’s mission in neighbouring south Sudan.

Another Shs 60bn went to Uganda police to help in recruiting 35000 officers to man the 2016 elections.

Despite these successes, Muhakanizi noted that many people are still pessimistic that he will carry on with the reforms, especially that the next election is drawing close.

This he said would not stop him and vowed to fight on.

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