Medics Left Patients to Perish In Kilembe Floods-Police

about it sans-serif;”>The Kasese MP, Hon James Mbahimba, confirmed that people lost their lives and the number would soon rise from three to five.

He said they died when the oxygen supply was cut off.

What exactly happened

River Nyamwamba started flooding at around 11am in the morning after the Rwenzori Mountains experienced heavy rains.

When the situation threatened to get out of hand, health workers at Kilembe hospital, according to police, abandoned the facility and run for their dear lives.


“Two people died instantly due to the abandonment,” Lt Latif Baguma attached to Kilembe Police Station told Chimpreports.

Road to Kilembe mines flooded

He said that electric poles are all down and there is no power in the area.

A similar incident happened on May 1, 2013 when heavy rains, characterised by heavy winds, hailstones and mudslides, broke down the water channel that pours into the Kilembe Mines hydroelectricity dam off the River Mubuku forcing a huge overflow.

The damages were extensive too.

Back to yesterday’s incident, two blocks hosting offices of Kilembe Mines administration were washed away by water mixed with boulders.

Two stores of Kilembe Mines were also submerged by the massive floods and stones.

At the moment, the hospital is empty and abandoned after Red Cross, police, district staff and NGOs evacuated patients totalling to 195 to other clinics in Kasese town.

The hospital was closed but police are still patrolling the area.

At Bulembya primary school, two classrooms were taken away by water and others damaged.

As the alarm was still in the air over Kilembe disaster, the water also rose and swept away Kyanjuki bridge.

The damage was wide reaching domestic animals and other valuable property.

Uganda People’s Defence Forces rescue teams are already in the area searching for more victims.

According to Wilson Asaba, the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, they are mobilising equipment to drain Mubuku river bed and contain the floods.

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