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PHOTOS: Kabushenga In Cat and Mouse Game With Police

for sale geneva;”>Pictures have emerged confirming that Kabushenga yesterday rubbed shoulders with police; one of them shows him trying to run away from the police detectives.

Kabushenga was followed up and arrested for intentionally knocking Gerald Mbabazi Kabushenga, who was taking photos of his grandmother being ridden in a wheelchair to attend a court hearing.

The family is locked in a bitter land wrangle and their case is being heard by the Kabale High Court Justice, Michael Elubu.

Kabushenga’s nephew Gerald Mbabazi outside court

Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region Police Publicist confirmed to Chimpreports that Kabushenga was briefly detained at Makanga Police Post and later produced to the Chief Magistrate’s Court where he was charged with threatening violence.

The Chief Magistrate, Martins Kirya, heard that Kabushenga knocked Mbabazi contrary to section 81(a) of the penal code act.


Police corner him

The case was registered on police case number CRB 970/2014 and on criminal case number 324/2014 of Kabale.

Kabushenga denied the charges and was released on a Shs 1m cash bail solicited by his sureties Edison Byarugaba and Godfrey Ngabirano.

He will re-appear on May 28, 2014 to answer the charges.

Kashunga’s lawyer pleads with police

Kabushenga denies the arrest

Meanwhile, the arrest of Kabushenga has kicked off social media debate.

When asked by a Kampala pastor, Martin Ssempa, to clarify on the arrest report in a social media (Twitter) exchange, Kabushenga denied ever being arrested.

The Vision CEO tries to run away from police

“I was neither arrested nor jailed. I was asked to appear before a magistrate where I was charged with threatening violence,” he explained.

“It was the 1st time I was hearing about the issue. No criminal summons, police statement. I have been going to court on foot.”

He argued that if he had knocked someone with “my car, then why charge me with threatening violence, why not a traffic offence?

Kabushenga said that it was his uncle, Hamlet Mbabazi and his son Gerald who filed a “false” criminal report to get him arrested so that he does not testify.

The charge sheet

“I testified against my uncle who is trying to take the family estate by crook. So, when I was going out to lunch, I was prevented by 5 policemen from exiting the court premises so I stayed in the courtroom.”

He adds: “But my lawyer insisted that I be charged so I get bail rather than CIID chaps putting me in a cell falsely.”

The receipt for his bail paid at Post Bank

He further accuses his uncle for “colluding with CIID cops to try and put me in a cell so to take pictures of me for the tabloids”.

“My uncle and his son were standing outside the gates with cameras hoping to take embarrassing photos of me being grabbed by police.”

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