Mandy: I Misjudged Uneb Woes

site sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Mandy has noted that during his period of service at UNEB, he took off some time to fully study and understand what happens at the board but he discovered that there was an ‘invisible hand’ that contributes to the challenges at the examinations body in the country.

“I resigned because I thought there was another invisible hand that could not mind about the kind of services I was delivering but rather maintain the flow of services and keep in the same challenges,” said Mandy during a talk show on a local TV station.

“When you discover you can’t fight the force against you and you are not willing to succumb to its games given the fact that they are against your belief and code of conduct, it is better that you resign,” Mandy added.

Mandy said when he moved on to commission his duties as the chairman, some of the members began criticising him that he was aggressive and uses high handedness yet he had noticed that these were the same people who were disorganising the flow of services at the board.

“I am a man whose method of management is ‘management by moving about’. I discovered that most people were laxity in service delivery so when I tried to cause a change, I was blamed for being aggressive.”


Mandy advised that if Uneb is to fully benefit the Ugandan student, it should get a new strong and aggressive leader who focuses higher because the work at Uneb is bigger than everyone can imagine.

He added that Uneb should focus on identifying its contribution in achieving vision 2040 and where it wants the Ugandan student to be, according to the world’s academic standards, other than just focusing on setting exams.

When asked whether he is bitter with the decision he took, Mandy noted, “I am not bitter but I feel I have missed the position that I really thought according to my academic levels, experience and wisdom; I hadn’t even used 10 percent of my ability.”

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