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Vision Group CEO, Kabushenga, Arrested

erectile geneva;”>Kabushenga reportedly knocked down his nephew, Moses Mbabazi, prompting police to pick and thrown him into the coolers.

According to ground sources, Kabushenga is embroiled in a family land wrangle and has been battling a court case.

The case in which his uncles, grandmother and nephew challenge Kabushenga is currently in Kabale High Court presided over by Justice Michael Erubu.

Today, the family had gone to court for the hearing of their case and the incident happened immediately after the session.

Eyewitnesses told Chimpreports that the anger which had been boiling inside Kabushenga during the session was later let out when the Vision Group CEO jumped into his car.


Apparently, he started the car at a breakneck speed and hit his nephew.

The judge immediately ordered for his arrest.

The Kigezi Regional Police Publicist, Elly Maate, told Chimpreports that police was alerted, rushed to the scene, cuffed Kabushenga and briefly detained him at Makanga Police Post.

“He was then taken to court and bailed out,” Maate explained.

“It is believed that Kabushenga committed the reckless act after being angered by the court proceedings,” Maate continued.

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