DP: Agriculture Should Top National Budget

viagra 100mg sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Fred Mwesigwa, medical the party Presidential Press Secretary, shop told journalists at the party headquarters that government should increase the budget for agriculture from the 10 percent to 15 percent as it was agreed upon in the Maputo declaration.

“The budget frame work paper has been given to the opposition for ideas and for that matter, as DP we propose that since 80 percent of the local population depends on agriculture, this sector should be allocated much funds as compared to what has been for years,” Mwesigwa expressed the party position.

Mwesigwa said DP demands that no new taxes be introduced by the government but rather reduce taxes on essential commodities in the country so as to improve the people’s standards of living.

“Essential commodities like Paraffin, Sugar, Salt, Soap, Petrol and Diesel should have their taxes reduced because they determine the people’s standards of living; increasing taxes can’t guarantee increased development given the corruption levels in the country.”

He on the same note called for a reduction in the tax paid by private schools in the country which are playing a big role in maintaining the country’s education standards.


“It is a government constitutional mandate to have all the citizens educated but if private schools come out to help and they are taxed high, they will end up shifting the burden to parents hence crippling the country’s education system.”

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