Col Ogole To Be Buried in London

information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Remembered for having led deadly military operations against the guerrilla National Resistance Army (NRA) outfit in the jungles of Luweero in the early 1980s, more about Ogole succumbed to cancer at a London Hospital last week.

Margaret Opio, who issued a statement on behalf of Ogole’s family, said “the arrangements for the burial of their beloved late Lt. Col. John Charles Ogole, who passed away in a London hospital on the 30th, April 2014, and whose body was provisionally scheduled to be taken for burial in Loro Atidi, Ongica Te Atego Village, Orupu Parish, Iceme Sub County, Oyam District, Uganda, has been postponed.”

Opio said Ogole’s body will be kept in London “until the appropriate time comes when he can be buried at his home in Loro Atidi in conditions that fulfil his dying wish.”

She further noted that as far as the family is concerned, at the moment “when we send his body home, his wishes that he does not want the Government of Uganda to be involved in his burial arrangement will not be met. We appeal to the people of Lango and the Elders of the Lango Community here in London and in Uganda to respect and honour the wishes of the late Lt. Col. John Ogole.”

The Uganda government is said to have given a green light to the burial of Ogole in his ancestral home of Oyam.


At the time of his death, Ogole was reportedly engaged in meetings with exiled fugitive General David Sejusa.

Opio said the arrangement for the funeral services in London will proceed as planned on Saturday, May 10.

“And once again, we re-assure the people of Lango and all the friends and well wishers that we are committed to returning John’s body home when the time is right. We thank all the people who have stood with us in solidarity to honour and respect John’s wishes and life.”

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