Mamerito Speaks Out On Kasokoso Protests

here sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“Let the people of Kasokoso adhere to what government is saying, try come down and desist from mob justice because however much they fight, development will force its way into the area,” Mamerito noted while speaking at a talk show on a local TV station.

Mamerito said the public should acknowledge that National Housing (NH) does not aim at evicting the area dwellers but rather ensure redevelopment of the area from a slum to something batter.

“I want the people of Kasokoso to live in a better place than they are living in and even if the government leaves them to stay, development will still kick them out.”

He advised them not to allow politicians “deceived and mislead them” into thinking that if they involve in chaos, their land will be secured.

“It has been proved that they are illegally occupying the land and they should instead open up for dialogue with the land owner (National Housing) which plans to redevelop the area.


“Many people in Kasokoso are not bonafide occupants and they all know how they came into the area they occupy. This is blamed on the negligence of NH but let them listen because government does not intend to evict them but build for them houses.”

He vowed to stick to the truth rather than lying to the people that the land belongs to them simply to solicit for votes.

“What is furthering the chaos in Kasokoso is the desire for votes by politicians who are instead creating more problems rather than telling people the truth.”

Kasokoso residents recently engaged police in a massive battle advocating for the release of their chairman, Musa Sekigudde of Kiganda village.

With other yet to be identified residents, Sekigudde is accused of burning a car belonging to the area Mayor, Mamerito Mugerwa.

However, Mamerito says it is time that his offenders faced the long arm of the law.

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