Bunyoro King Weighs Lawsuit Against UK Gov’t

discount sans-serif; color: #222222;”>His majesty Gafabusa was addressing his subjects at Rukurato Hall in Karuzika Iguru when he revealed that during the colonial resistance between his father Kabalega and the British, a lot of property was destroyed which he said must be compensated.

Gafabusa also noted that he is considering all possible means to ensure that what was lost and destroyed during the Nyangire rebellion with the British is compensated.

He also attacked the United Kingdom on what he said was the cause of the current underdevelopment and other troubles in the Kingdom.

“The UK issued a document indicating that they will foil development in Bunyoro for 100 years because of the hardship they went through during its past leadership,” Gafabusa narrated.

In 1907, the Banyoro rose in a rebellion called Nyangire, or “refusing,” they were rebelling against the Baganda administrators set by the British who subjected them to exploitative tax collection and unpaid labour.


They succeeded in having the Baganda sub imperial agents withdrawn.

He noted that it is the only reason why the once famous Kingdom is lagging behind in education adding, that he wants his subjects to acquire skills in different fields thus a need to establish Bunyoro University.

“The United Kingdom is plotting to fail development in Africa with plans of repossessing it. We need to unite against neo-colonialists.”

Gafabusa also offered 45 acres of land where the university buildings will be constructed.

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