Another Somali Legislator Survives Assassination

case geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>He described as heroic the action of a Somali civilian who thwarted the aim of the terrorists by alerting the Member of Parliament that his car had been rigged with explosives.

cheap geneva; font-size: small;”>This act saved the lives of the Member of Parliament and two of his colleagues who were with him.

“I am praising the brave action the civilian took to alert the Member of Parliament. This act shows that our people are ready to take part in ensuring security,” said the Prime Minister.

Only last month, two Members of Parliament were killed in the capital Mogadishu.

In a massive car explosion in Mogadishu, MP Isaak Mohamed Rino was killed and his colleague Mohamed Ali injured.

After 24 hours, Mr Abdiaziz Isaak Mursal’s, another legislator, was shot on dead by unknown gunmen as he was leaving his house.

The explosions are blamed on the Somali militant terrorist group, Al Shabaab.

Meanwhile, the Premier also expressed his grief about yesterday’s explosion in Mogadishu that claimed the lives of innocent civilians.

The explosion also killed the former Secretary General of Administration of Banadir Regional Administration Abdikafi Hilowle Osman and some of his personal guards.


The Prime Minister described the incident as “an act of terrorism by insurgents who have no place in Islamic tradition”.

“I am sending my condolences to the families of all those who were killed in today’s attack in Mogadishu that targeted innocent Somali civilians. I am also sending my condolences to the families of Mr. Abdikafi Hilowle Osman and some of his personal guards who were also killed in today’s attack. The deceased was someone I knew personally who worked tirelessly for the people of Somalia and the Somali Government.”

He added: “We lost individuals who were important to our society. They were taking part in development and our efforts to move the country beyond this difficult period. These types of attacks will strengthen our resolve to eradicate terrorists who are causing problems for the people and the country of Somalia.”

The Premier further observed that shedding the blood of innocent civilians has no basis in Islamic religion or in Somali culture.

“By the grace of God, we will prevail against those who are distorting our righteous faith and killing our people.”

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