Lukwago Sets 5 Compulsory Questions For Museveni

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1) If Hon. Amama Mbabazi unequivocally averred that he will not contest against you in the 2016 presidential elections, and indeed appended his signature on the Kyankwanzi declaration, why all this fuss about ring fencing your position to the extent of bribing the credulous NRM cadres?

2) If indeed you are a Ssabalwanyi and revolutionary who has sacrificed all his adult life at the alter of constitutional governance, would you need affirmative action to get nominated by a party wherein you are the founder chair?

Would my classmate at the Law school, Capt. Ruhinda Magulu pose such a threat to a General who has stood up to world leaders like Barack Obama?

3) All NRM apologists are parroting party cohesion as the sole justification for the Kyankwanzi declaration, why not ring fence all party positions for the current office bearers if it doesn’t reek of hypocrisy and double standards?


4) As a person who championed the catastrophic guerrilla war do you ever imagine what would happen to our motherland if you died today?

Do you critically analyse the wider implications of the nasty scenes of affray involving poverty stricken Ugandans in almost all Kisanja meetings over paltry sums like Shs 5000?

5) As I congratulate the NRM youth who were discharged following the withdrawal of the charges, I would like to know the NRM organ that sat and resolved to move the DPP to cause a withdrawal of the case since the complainant is your Party?

Is the law yourself or yourself the law?

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