Kabenge Speaks Out On SuperSport Deal

discount geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>However, order Kavuma Kabenge, the chairperson of Uganda Super League Limited, kept his silence about the agreed terms in the MOU with FUFA.

When ChimpSport contacted him, Kabenge told us a different story.

ChimpSport: You recently signed a MoU with FUFA. Why hasn’t the federation announced your release from the 11-year suspension?

Kabenge: Mr. Magogo and FUFA know that I am not on suspension.

That is why they had to look for me and we signed the MoU.


I believe there were mistakes on both sides in the suspension but I think it’s time to join hands to develop the game.

Chimpsport: Suspension aside, will Uganda have one league next season?

Kabenge: Yes, I see that happening.

ChimpSport: Who will run the league?

Kabenge: Uganda Super League will run the league in terms of finances and FUFA will take on the side of the rules of the game to help the league progress smoothly.

ChimpSport: You mean the league is now in your hands?

Kabenge: Yes, you would say so. But it has always been in our hands.

We just hope we shall have a strong league this time.

It will even be easy for Uganda to export players since they have chance to be seen on international TV.

ChimpSport: Some clubs are asking how much they will get in the Super sport deal. There have been allegations that they will receive only Shs 20m.

Kabenge: In the first place clubs must know their power because they are the products.

They will not get that little but they will receive like Shs 80m next season and will probably have more the following season.

Referees will be receiving Shs 100,000 per game (they were promised to receive Shs 70, 000 this season but are still demanding FUFA).

ChimpSport: But why don’t you give the money directly to clubs?

Kabenge: Clubs don’t have a transparent leadership. They don’t have leaders who can handle that money gently.

That is where FUFA and bank accounts come in.

ChimpSport: What is the future of the Super sport contract?

Kabenge: No need to know that but I think we should be looking for how we can renew it.

As of now, much is still going on.

ChimpSport: Lastly, what does the new sport regulation signed by Minister Jessica Alupo mean to Ugandan sports federations?

Kabenge: It means there is now no other sports federation existing in Uganda.

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