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Photos: Journalists, Police Make Amends

During the exercise, dosage http://ciencialili.org/libraries/joomla/document/renderer.php journalists were able to donate cleaninged geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”> equipment worth Shs 4m including slashers, spades, hoes and brooms in respect to the law enforcement body in the country.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Robert Ssempala, the HRNJ National Coordinator, noted that it’s a big step toward mending the relationship between the fourth arm of government and police.

Journalists cleaning a police compound in Kampala

“In the last four years, we have been bartered, gone to courts, petitioned the standards unit and released reports about police brutality against journalists but we thought it would be wise to come to their face and reveal that all is not well. Therefore, we need a free and safe working environment,” stressed Ssempala.

He added that it was a gesture of good will by the journalists in reminding police to extend a hand of help to them as they carry out their duties.

“This should be reflected across the board from the top to the low ranking officers and it will culminate in a good working relationship between the two government organs,” Ssempala revealed.

Speaking on behalf of the Kampala Metropolitan Area Commander, SSP Anatoli Muleterwa, said it was a good gesture by journalists to come out and mend their relationship with police.


Officers receive a donation from journalists

“Its indeed a sign of good working relationship and brotherhood between police and journalists and this should not end here but be upheld to help both organs extend services to people,” Muleterwa noted.

“This is part of the block in building our country. Challenges should not derail us as we serve the public.”

Journalists share a light moment with a police officer

Journalists speak out

According to Mulindwa Mukasa, a journalist at WBS TV, the relationship between the fourth estate and government has been sour
involving wars leading to injuries on both parties.

“Last year, I was arrested five times, sprayed with teargas, my cameras destroyed and my life affected. All I want is freedom to do my work without any confrontation.”

he added: “I am optimistic it will help our partners (police) get to know what we do and how to live in harmony while carrying out our respective duties.”

A sign of reconciliation

The World Press Freedom Day was proclaimed by the UNO in 1993 following a recommendation of the UNESCO General Conference with an aim to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom and assess the state of press freedom throughout the world.

The day was also put in place to help defend the media from attacks on their independence and pay tribute to those who have lost lives in the line of duty.

According to UNO Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, journalism provides a platform for informed discussion across a wide range of development issues.

The World Press Freedom Day is an initiative of UNO

“Only when journalists are at liberty to monitor, investigate and criticise policies and actions can good governance exist,” he observed.

This year’s celebrations are under the theme, media freedom for a better future.

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