South Sudan

Kiir Stops Ministers From Using Military Ranks

pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Appearing on the National TV, SSTV, this week, Kiir issued the order banning the use of military ranks and uniforms by government ministers and other constitutional post holders.

He clarified that the move was aimed at “solving some protocol issues which always arose when some members use previous ranks they held in the army”.

According to the presidential order, the ranks are to be used only SPLA personnel who are still actively involved in military activities.

In another decree, President Kiir dissolved the Crisis Management Committee (CMC), formed in January 2014 to look into the causes of the war and assess its impact.

The decree still read on the National TV, SSTV did not outline why the team was dissolved and its findings have not been availed.


The committee was composed of 27 members, according to the National Courier.

The two decrees are part of the many issued by president over the years including the most controversial decree which fired former deputy riek machar and disbanded cabinet.

(Source: NC)

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