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Kaweesi Moves to Axe Top Police Chief

store sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Kaweesi’s move follows a recent On-Spot study conducted around police stations in the metropolitan region by the country’s CID head office, story in which too much rot was unearthed.

Among officers whose jobs are on the line is OC CID Katwe Police Station, Mr Benon Ayebare, whose performance, the researchers found significantly lacking.

Kaweesi, while meeting top Police officers in the region in Kampala recently, said that the CID Wing ‘had come to be known as the ‘sick man of police’ and needed an urgent clean up.

In the report it emerged that a number of juveniles aged around 12 years were found locked up in cells at the Katwe Police Station together with adults.

“And this man Ayebare in Defence claims the kids are hardcore criminals belonging to the Kifesi group” (one of the topmost and most notorious gangs that runs the largest criminal operation areas in the city).


He angrily added: “Even though they are not innocent and no matter how dangerous they are, these are minors and cannot be detained together with mature criminals.”

The report also indicated that Scene of Crime Officers (SOCOs) at most stations lacked basic equipment like ink used to carry fingerprints, while some other stations had no SOCO at all.

The commander wondered why such deficiencies were not being reported, and concluded that many stations were using guesswork to come up with reports on break-ins and other scenes of crimes.

The reports also showed that at most stations, dispatched files (to courts of law) were not synchronised with the stations’ records offices.

Kaweesi vowed to hammer all those CIDs implicated in the report: “I want to clean up department by department; otherwise the situation is getting out of hand.”

He observed that the biggest problem was not incompetence or lack of training but, sheer lack of commitment and attitude.

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