Nakumatt, Uchumi Malls Face Demolition?

viagra sale geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The Prime Minister, who was responding to a question raised by Hon. Beatrice Anywar (FDC, Kitgum district), in the Prime Minister’s Question Time, said Cabinet had instructed the Ministry of Lands not to issue any more land titles in areas considered wetland.

Hon. Anywar (FDC, Kitgum district) wondered whether buildings constructed in wetlands, like Nakumatt and Uchumi shopping malls and the Golf Course Hotel would be demolished.

She also inquired when the destroyed forest cover like in Mabira Forest would be re-planted.

“Cabinet has taken a decision to take all measures necessary to protect wetlands in strict compliance with Constitution; we have started with mapping out wetlands,” he said, adding, “We have given administrative orders to the Ministry concerned not to issue any more titles in areas designated as wetlands.”

The Constitution provides that Parliament would, by law, among others provide measures intended to protect and preserve the environment from abuse, pollution and degradation; and manage the environment for sustainable development.


The Prime Minister however said that government will use its power to determine land usage in areas that were formerly wetlands but where activity has been carried out with its authority.

“If it’s found that the wetland has been extinct and it’s not possible to return it to a wetland, we shall consider it an area of extinct wetland,” he said, adding “In areas under private title, we will use the power of government to determine usage of land but ownership will remain private.”

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