Panelists Backstab AIDS Bill

pharm geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In a consultative meeting between Members of Parliament and the Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC) at Hotel Africana yesterday, MPs unanimously agreed that the clause will jeopardise the efforts which have been put in place by the AIDS Commission to fight new infections.

The clause calls for imprisonment of anyone convicted of the offence.

Speaking on the occasion, Maj. Rubaramira Ruranga, a self-confessed HIV positive man and renowned AIDS activist was first to condemn the clause saying, it was entered because people have sentiments but he doesn’t see its impact in addressing the HIV scourge.

Rubaramira confessed having sex with his wife for the last 10 years and still being able to have positive children yet again successfully keeping her from the infection.

Kawempe North MP, Latif Sebaggala, also rubbished the clause saying, it should be replaced with new arrangements like grassroots sensitisation and treatment.


“The clause cannot work in polygamous marriages where many have been discovered victims but instead rake more havoc in families,” he added.

The AIDS Commission chairman, Prof. Vinand M. Nantulya, strongly condemned the misconception which people have on HIV victims.

“Criminalising them will instead discourage people from voluntary testing,” he noted.

He instead called for the stabilisation of the AIDS Trust Fund which should be managed by the AIDS Commission.

He cited Zimbabwe as one of the countries where the fund has been successful.

Nantulya recalled the viral infector nurse case, saying, it is an example of false accusation.

“From 2005 up to 2011 Uganda was doing badly in fight against HIV with the number of infections increasing up to 160,000 in 2011.”

Statistics also indicated the number of babies born with HIV was standing at 25000-28000.

But numbers have since gone down due to the latest prevention strategies which the commission has implanted.

Infections now stand at 140,000 from 160,000, a drastic slope from the 2011.

The number of babies born with HIV also dropped to 9,000 last year compared to the previous years.

The contested Bill is currently on the floor of Parliament, pending discussions and approval.

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