Mbabazi: Poor Leadership Hindering Africa’s Development

discount geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Mbabazi said poor leadership characterized by turmoil is the biggest problem Africa has faced since the era of slavery and colonialism, viagra adding that the liberation of the Continent from the imperialists didn’t address the challenge of leadership.

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“You ask yourself, where were the African leaders all this time during slavery and colonialism for more than 400 years?” Mbabazi asked.

The Premier made the remarks on Friday while receiving youths from across Africa, under their umbrella organization Inspirational Development Africa at his office in Kampala.

The African youth network led by their President Dr. Paul Bamutaze believe that the youth across Africa have the same problems and that, they can collectively make a positive contribution towards the stability and economic transformation of the Continent.

The youth drawn from DR. Congo, Nigeria, Eriteria, Tanzania, South Sudan and Uganda identified ideological disorientation, senseless wars, cultural imperialism, poverty and unemployment as some of the biggest problems Africa is facing which must be addressed. Others came from Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda and Somalia.


They said Africa has all the resources it requires to achieve self-sustainability and economic transformation with the support of good leadership.

“I love the young people, and I want to thank you for the confidence you have put in me to be your patron. I gladly accept,” Mbabazi said.

He said investing in human capital is a core tenet in the transformation of Africa, adding that the efforts of the young people must be supported to prepare them for leadership roles.

“We need good leadership but it can’t happen like manna from heaven, it must be prepared,” said Mbabazi.

The Premier said the Uganda Government is making steady progress towards the transformation of the economy, adding that the country is focused on infrastructure development especially roads, railway and electricity power stations to promote trade and industrialization.

He said he was a Pan Africanist and one of the revolutionary leaders in Uganda who joined active politics at an early age to liberate the country after the bitter experience of colonialism and apartheid on the African continent.

Mbabazi castigated the colonial education system we inherited which he said has led to unemployment because the graduates churned out from Universities and other institutions of higher learning are not suitable for the current job market.

Mbabazi said, “Uganda produces about 400,000 graduates annually and they all want compete for the available 300,000 Government jobs. We have adopted the Skilling Uganda programme to ensure that we produce people who have the skills demanded by the labour market.”

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