EALA: Heated Debate on Rules of Procedure

viagra sale http://completehealthacupuncture.com/wp-content/plugins/google-analyticator/google-api-php-client/src/contrib/google_bigqueryservice.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The move follows a motion brought forth by Hon Susan Nakawuki who reiterated the need for Members to read and further understand the proposed amendments.

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information pills geneva;”>Hon Abubakar Zein had earlier on remarked that it was vital for the Committees of EALA to widely consult on the proposals and called for technical working sessions involving the whole House.

“Let us all be involved in consultations in a manner similar to that of the development of our EALA Strategic Plan (2013-18)”, he said on Wednesday, adding that, Rules of Procedure were fundamental in the management and affairs of the Assembly.

Prior to the adjournment, the House had received the Report of the Committee on Legal Rules and Privileges on the review of the Assembly’s Rules of Procedure.

The Report presented by the Chair of the Legal Rules Privileges Committee, Hon Dora Byamukama states that notable developments at the Assembly have since deemed it inevitable to revise the rules of engagement.


The Rules of Procedure were adopted by the first Assembly on 28th November 2001 and initially amended in year 2008, mainly to take care of expanded membership of the Assembly following the admission of the Republics of Burundi and Rwanda.

However, Members have on several occasions expressed the need to amend certain provisions of the Rules either for purposes of providing clarity, consistency and/or practicability; or to take into consideration new developments over the years.

Hon Byamukama remarked that there was need to provide a timeframe within which Members are notified of the dates of meetings of the Assembly and the procedure that is followed in the notification of expiry of term of the Assembly following the enactment of the EALA Elections 2012.

Accordingly, the Committee suggests the Rules of Procedure should provide clarity and consistency, thus enabling ease of application and thus calls for elimination of the provisions in the Rules deemed impracticable to implement.

The amendments touch on the form and nature of the existing Rules of Procedure and propose cross-cutting changes on the preliminary, general and proceedings of the Assembly. Other far reaching yet practical amendments are proposed to be made on the modalities revolving on the order of business as well as sitting and adjournments among others.

Meanwhile, Members of the Assembly asked questions which were answered by the Minister of State for EAC, Uganda, Hon Shem Bageine on behalf of the Chair of the Council of Ministers before business drew to a close.

In his State of the EAC Address yesterday, President Kenyatta who is the Chairperson of the Summit of the EAC Heads of State, called on the continent to wake up from its slumber and to take head-on, the steps necessary to rid itself of poverty.

The President maintained that it was important for the region to take advantage of the opportunities by fully embracing the Customs Union and the Common Market Protocols and at the advent of the Monetary Union, and challenged the Assembly to be steadfast in service delivery.

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