The Beginning of Mbabazi’s Fall?

cheapest geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The duo was arrested last week from different parts of the country as part of a wider Police investigation into alleged “criminal behaviour connected with ongoing political controversies within the NRM party.”

Mr Omodo-Omodo, 29, the National Vice Chairperson for the NRM Youth League, northern region and his Kampala counterpart Adam Luzinda Buyinza, 31, appeared before the Anti-Corruption Court Grade One Magistrate Michael Lagara in Kololo on Wednesday.

Prosecution alleges the two officials abused their authority when they fraudulently induced and tricked the NRM and fraudulently solicited, bribed, induced and tricked its members and mobilisers into signing a petition to convene a delegates conference to challenge the party resolutions.

According to Section 11 of the Anti-Corruption Act 2009, convicts of abuse of office, carries a sentence of seven years.

The Magistrate denied the accused bail, saying majority of the sureties were nt substantial. Only Amama’s wife, Jacqueline Mbabazi, was found substantial.


The two suspects recently sent cold shivers down the spines of Museveni’s strategists when they held a press conference at Makerere University to denounce the resolutions of the NRM retreat in Kyankwanzi that endorsed the President as the sole party flag-bearer in the 2016 polls.

They further announced the NRM youth’s support for Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi as the party’s flag bearer for 2016.

Omodo said the resolution taken by NRM at Kyankwanzi urging Museveni to stand unopposed was “wrongly adopted because the parliamentary caucus has no mandate under the party constitution to approve such a sensitive issue.”

He further observed that the resolution tantamount to favouritism or nepotism by giving preferential treatment to any personal advantage contrary to the provisions of section 4 (1k) of the NRM constitution.

While the statement was later denounced by the mainstream leadership of the NRM youth League, the move angered top party leaders and Omodo has since been a subject of investigation.


The jailing of the pro-Amama supporters sheds more light on the worsening relations between the NRM Secretary General and the President.

While Amama claims there is nothing wrong between him and the President, the recent developments point to a possible protracted battle between the two powerful individuals ahead of the 2016 presidential elections.

Mbabazi has consistently denied intentions to stand for President in 2016 but continues to maintain that in case he chose to give it a shot, he would be unstoppable.

Observers say the closure of the National Bank of Commerce (NBC) in which Mbabazi had plenty of shares was the first indicator that Museveni was determined to clip his wings.

The Mbabazi family is yet to comment on the jailing of its supporters.

Speaking during a political talk show on voice of Kigezi during the weekend, Mbabazi condemned the arrest of his supporters.

“The police should stop harassing these people. It is not their job to arrest someone because of his thoughts. They must do their other work,” he charged.

“I have said before that it is okay for people to have trust in me. It is their opinion. Police should stop these arrests and should avoid entering this political sphere.”

Kayihura speaks out

However, Kayihura recently said Mbabazi’s supporters are not being targeted by Police.

“The Police are not targeting or harassing any such individuals, or anybody for that matter, let alone, because of their political opinions as claimed in media stories.,” said Kayihura.

“We do not inquire, and we do not have the mandate, and, have no interest in which political leader any member of the public supports or does not support. A person supporting this or that leader is really not our concern, as Police, because that is one’s prerogative,” he added.

Kayihura said Police is conducting investigation into reports that certain individuals associated with the NRM party are going around the country securing or attempting to secure signatures, using methods that amount to criminality such as using bribery or on the basis of falsehoods.

“The reports we are investigating are that those from whom they seek signatures are bribed with money, or misled as to the actual reasons the signatures are being sought. For instance, the Police received reports of a group of people moving around collecting signatures from people in Kampala, falsely claiming that the intention was to take them to the President so that the longstanding promises the President are, at last, fulfilled. Others were paid money (actually bribed) ranging from shs 50,000 to 500,000 depending on their respective status in the NRM party,” he observed.

“There are other reports of money being unlawfully paid (bribery) out by different teams going around the country. While any person, is free to solicit and receive signatures for lawful purpose, those signing must do so freely without undue or unlawful compulsion or any unlawful influence through false representations, and, certainly, without money exchanging hands, unlawfully such as bribery.”

Kayihura further assured the leadership of the NRM party, “and specifically, the Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi, as well as the persons implicated, and the general public that nobody is being targeted for their opinions or because of who they support or not support.”

He said expressing an opinion is not, by itself, a criminal offence and it is not correct to interpret the Police actions as harassment of someone freely expressing his or her views on this or that political issue.

“Our focus is investigation of reported criminal behaviour. If they are innocent, they have nothing to fear. They will be cleared. If they are culpable, however, they should be prepared to face the judicial process.

We want to assure the public that, in spite of the negative and diversionary stories in the media, we shall not be deterred. The Police will not be intimidated, or blackmailed and shy away from bringing to justice any member of public alleged to have committed an offense, their political “opinions” or inclinations notwithstanding.”

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