Insider's View: Form Interim Gov't Without Kiir, Machar

there sans-serif; color: #222222;”>We consider it as a premature advice manipulatedthis sans-serif; color: #222222;”> by Museveni to the head of States during the summit.

The heads of State, who voted for its formation in the recent summit in Addis Ababa, are disillusioned.

And, they have blindly endorsed the idea without taking South Sudanese conflict dimension into consideration.

We call for the IGAD heads of the State to reverse their actions toward solving nearly four-month bloodiest conflict in South Sudan if they are the ones deemed to bring to an end the bloodshed.

On behalf of the Revolutionary movement, the SPLM/IO/Youth Desk, we have had to react negatively on IGAD’s decision and, would like to denounce it openly.


It could not work whatsoever to deploy armed foreign troops inside South Sudan after all the human rights abuse accomplished by Ugandan forces in South Sudan since December.

Before the so-called IGAD heads of State addressed the use of a banned/conventional weapons by UPDF on civilian population in Jonglei, Upper Nile and Bentiu; without calculating the risk of deploying hungry African soldiers in fragile states like South Sudan to fight war which does not serving their national interests.

The so-called IGAD heads of State are wrong and, they have poorly calculated what capacity IGAD countries have without US government, UK, the EU countries and, the United Nations.

What can Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Ethiopia do in terms of movement and maintenance of their own regional forces to fight rebels of more than 200,000 fighters in only two months?

Do they really have the capacity to fight foreign rebels on strategic land of natural resource and facilities like Upper Nile and the Unity States of South Sudan?

IGAD is convinced that, Salva Kiir lost over 70% of South Sudan armed force and, the very few tribal fighters he (Salva) has is almost exhausted in Jonglei, Unity and the Upper Nile States.

Would he (Salva) keep dictating a country by relying on foreign fighters on payment basis?

The very few aspirants he has now within amongst the South Sudanese will cease supporting him very soon because, the country is running-short of money and, he hasn’t paid civil servants for nearly four months now.

Heads of the IGAD countries, having their own fragmented interests in the conflict were voting in hope that, if South Sudan is destabilised, there might be opportunities to exploit South Sudan resources like what is happening in Eastern DRC, CAR, Burundi, and so on.

Every head of government, who wishes well for Salva Kiir amongst the so-called Eastern African countries, has double standards.

South Sudanese want to decide on their own as they did during referendum in absence of Uganda.

Without democracy in South Sudan, where people choose their leader with no kind of dictatorship tendency by groups of opportunists; no favour for those who are best only at utilising the national resources for their own gratifications; everything remains a nightmare.

South Sudan will still remain the same as it were during decades of war with north. No one will benefit from the resources.

To save this country from collapse at its infancy, there is need to reform the nation and redirect it toward democracy.

Rationalisation of internal conflict into minor economic and power interests amongst the neighbouring countries will not save the interests of the people of South Sudan whatsoever.

What is the role of foreign forces in an already war-stricken nation?

What is the difference between the strong UNMISS contingencies currently in the country mandated to the protection of the civil population and, the so-called IGAD-PDF?

US government, the TRCA, the United Nation and EU countries keep reiterating their objection to the foreign involvement in the internal conflict of South Sudan.

Warning of regionalising the conflict is a concern to international actors. The so-called IGAD member countries might produce an army from the hungry eastern African mercenaries of Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and the DRC.

But, who will cater for the logistics? The question of what caused killings in South Sudan and whether no coup ever took place, remains un-answered.

No million dollars from Norway, UK, and the Joint Truth Fund countries for Salva Kiir anymore.

In Central Africa Republic, combined French and other African multi-national force were deployed to stop fighting.

But their presence in huge numbers did not prevent anti-Balaka insurgents from toppling the President Michael Djotodia.

It has not prevented killing of Muslims by the Christian minority.

Some of the breakthrough IGAD Peace mediation achieved was, (1) Cessation of Hostilities, Unconditional Release of the formerly 11 political detainees, withdrawal of UPDF, GEM, SPLM/A/N and other mercenaries under his (Kiir’s) pays lists.

It is very clear that, the so-called government has not implemented its parts.

What they wanted was fighting to stop, but how to stop the fighting remains difficult for Salva Kiir and his government.

Fighting will continue if the cause of mass killing of Nuer innocent civilians in Juba is not properly addressed or when Salva Kiir still pretends to be the President of the Republic of South Sudan a head of 2015.

The IGAD peace mediation has only one option if it is meaning to positively restore hope in South Sudan, that is, the formation of an Interim government without Kiir and Machar.

That is the only right option toward realisation of meaningful peace in this conflict incapacitated nation.

There will be mechanisms for Kiir and Machar to compete in a democratic election.

Whoever of the two wins the public approval, will lead the country.

After December 15, any initiative by IGAD that favours Salva Kiir to continue ruling the nation which he failed is meaningless.

It won’t stop him (Salva) form going whatsoever.

The said election of 2015 is not happening given the fact that the population of South Sudan was dispersed to neighbouring countries after the crisis.

Some of the State’s population has deserted in huge figures due to the continuous fighting in many States.

The UN has to struggle to saves lives of hundreds of thousands who are in dire need for humanitarian assistance.

The upcoming influx of South Sudan refugees seeking for food and protection will hit Salva Kiir’s government.

There will be no funds for an election.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has failed the new nation and, he is waiting for the hour of departure.

Whatever he is trying to make, and, whoever he is paying for support so that he remains in power, will turn out futile.

The illegal protection given to him by Uganda will not help him lead South Sudan for more than two months to come.

You shouldn’t think of restoring peace in South Sudan if Salva Kiir is still the President.

A new government is the only positive option and realistic method of restoring this country back to the right track.

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