Babu Put Uganda Tennis In Limbo-Critics

information pills sans-serif; color: #222222;”>It is currentlyvisit this sans-serif; color: #222222;”> surprising that when you pass by Lugogo, sildenafil whether tennis exists as a sport in Uganda anymore.

The sport last appeared in the press during the general assembly which saw Cedric Babu assuming a second term in office with his vice chairman, Steven Musisi.

Meanwhile, critics are angered by the way Babu has handled the sport.

They accuse him of over concentrating on other sports yet “his house is still not clean”.

Currently, the Tennis School Holiday Programme has been halted after John Kasule became financially constrained.


It was this programme that brought many youngsters to the limelight.

These included Henry Ayesiga, John Lutaya, David Olinga and Duncan Mugabe.

It was during those days that the sport produced the three players who featured on the Olympic team during the John Nagenda regime.

The current trend leaves seems to demoralise the sponsors who battled to finance this sport.

Former sponsors like Sheraton hotel, Uganda breweries, Rwenzori, Alarm group of companies, among others are thinking twice as far as the game is concerned.

According to critics, Babu’s regime had been predicted to be the best following his brilliant display as a player.

Babu featured in many ITF features, Davis Cup and College Tennis in the United States but one wonders why he chose to sponsor another sport.

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