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Firestorm As Mbabazi Relative Attacks Museveni, Kayihura

buy information pills sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Following the recent arrest of Mbabazi’s supporters in the NRM youth wing, seek http://contenthog.com/pr/wp-includes/random_compat/random_bytes_openssl.php Kayihura said the interrogation was part of a wider investigation into reports that “individuals associated with the NRM party are going around the country securing or attempting to secure signatures, http://civilianpeaceservice.ca/wp-includes/class-wp-http-proxy.php using methods that amount to criminality such as using bribery or on the basis of falsehoods.”

He said police received reports of a group of people moving around collecting signatures from people in Kampala, falsely claiming that the intention was to take them to the President so that the longstanding promises the President are, at last, fulfilled.

“Others were paid money (actually bribed) ranging from shs 50,000 to 500,000 depending on their respective status in the NRM,” said the IGP.

This did not go down well with Mbabazi who asked Police to release the detainees unconditionally.



Ruhindi, who has since waged a huge social media campaign to defend Mbabazi, was explicit on Tuesday.

“Please remind me what crime the NRM youth is charged with? When will the madness of Kayihura and company end? Never heard of such a bunch of losers!” she charged.

“Their (Museveni and Kayihura) own actions will come back to bite their own tails. God does not fall asleep. Lord will no doubt pay them back in equal measure plus bonus and commission.”

Ruhindi was responding to a post on Facebook where one expressed surprise that some individuals in Northern Uganda back Mbabazi for President.

Ruhindi charged at one Facebook user, saying he should “know your place in NRM. You are simply a little toad in the ocean. Us who were there from the word go know who’s who. In a way I understand your position. How do you bite the hand that feeds you? Some of you only survive on petty bread crumbs. You have neither career nor prospects. So fighting Facebook wars is your daily bread.”

Ruhindi, who is a sister to Ms Jacqueline Mbabazi, further blasted a one Dun Birekyeraho: “If Oga on top withdraws your oxygen supply, you’ll be history. Please continue to do your small job. I have work today for Queen and country. I shall leave you to beat up drums for politicians. After all what else can you do? Good day.”

Directing his outrage to the President, Ruhindi, a resident of UK, said nobody owns Uganda.

“The actions of some people lately indicate to me they probably think they own Uganda. As far as I am concerned, Kyankwanzi was a disaster in the making. In my opinion NRM will never be the same. You can quote me in 5 years. Where the parliamentary caucus start to feel they are more important than CEC and NEC, you are bound to have problems,” she charged.

Ms Mbabazi recently said in a press statement that her husband was unfairly treated during the recent Kyankwanzi retreat where signatures were mobilised from MPs to endorse Museveni as the sole NRM candidate in the 2016 presidential elections.

Ruhindi said “accountability starts from the CEO,” adding, “Our man from Rwakitura must take responsibility because he is chairman of the party. For allowing mice and crickets to muscle in the party is an unforgivable sin in party politics. That is my stand. Enough said. I wish all parties concerned clear vision. May common sense reign over lunacy.”

Ruhindi further wondered why supporters of Mbabazi were being interrogated or arrested by Police, yet Museveni’s diehards continue to operate freely.

“What exactly are the crimes of NRM youths? How come Anite is not behind bars? Double standards and two-faced lot. Please do not ruin my morning coffee. I need a bucket.”

Dozens of Facebook users attacked Ruhindi, with one expressing surprise that she wasn’t aware that “NRM is a national political party not a family enterprise.”


The latest development signals the deepening rift between Museveni and Mbabazi family.

While the two powerful families enjoyed strong and mutually supportive relations rights from the 1970s, Mbabazi’s presidential ambitions have clashed with Museveni’s determination to maintain a tight grip on power.

With Mbabazi being cagey on whether to lock horns with his master, the NRM appears headed for tough terrain as the opposition coalesce forces around former army commander Gen Mugisha Muntu for president in 2016.

Observers say an escalation of the power struggle between Museveni and Mbabazi could tilt the party’s centre of gravity thus handing the opposition a sharp edge in the upcoming elections.

Uganda’s main opposition party, FDC has in recent days moved fast to consolidate its internal cohesion with Nandala Mafabi promising to rally behind Muntu in the 2016 polls.

This is bad news for the ruling party as it struggles to cope with internal political turmoil.

While Mbabazi has consistently ruled out running against Museveni in 2016, Museveni’s strategists say the Premier’s lower lip tells otherwise.

Apparently, to avoid demoralising his supporters, Mbabazi has carefully maintained that the Kyankwanzi resolution which endorsed Museveni for 2016 was a mere expression of “opinion” by NRM members and that he has a right to stand for any elective post.

Museveni remains on the edge given that removing Mbabazi from the post of Secretary General or Prime Minister could see a wounded Mbabazi bolster his grassroot campaigns for President.

Keeping Mbabazi at the helm of Cabinet is also dicey at best as the Kinkiizi West MP would utilise such a position to consolidate his support within the ruling party in preparation for 2016.

Museveni also knows he is treading on a dangerous ground in dealing with the Mbabazi saga as perceived harassment of the Premier would win the latter a vote of sympathy in a national election.

Political pundits say Museveni’s political survival will be largely shaped by how he deals with the Amama saga to win the 2016 elections without hurting or dividing the ruling party.

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