Kadaga Rallies Clergy on Fighting Poverty

buy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>She said pastors, approved sheiks, treat and clergy should interest themselves in the income generating activities of their followers and help them to improve their livelihood.

Speaking at a recent function at Kamuli district, the Speaker expressed concern over the lack of sermons related to family income generation.

“I am pleading with you as the clergy to adjust your sermons in churches and mosques. We come to church, read the bible and you send us home. You want us to raise funds but you don’t know how we earn our income .Take an interest in the income generation of your parishioners. Some of your followers are doing nothing,” she said.

Speaker Kadaga noted that many of the churches raise substantial resources only during the Christmas service when brethren from Kampala join the service.

The Speaker applauded Kamuli Fellowship of Pentecostal Churches for taking the lead by opening a coffee tree nursery that holds over half a million trees.


The Speaker re-echoed calls for sensitization of Women on the activities and regulations of Savings and Cooperative Societies to reduce the default rate of village SACCOs.

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