South Sudan

SPLA Troops Protest Unpaid Salaries Again

more about geneva; background-color: #f5f8fa;”>According to National Courier, viagra 100mg SPLA has admitted that wounded soldiers have not been unpaid for months.

It placed blame on the lack of electronic transfer and “promises they will be paid soon”.

It should be remembered that at the beginning of March this year, gunfire broke out in an army barracks in Juba the capital of South Sudan as soldiers protested delayed salaries.

The SPLA commando units; Tiger Division and Jamus clashed along tribal lines but the actual discontent was the delayed salaries.

The incident resulted into many deaths both civilians and soldiers.


Other reports indicated that “foreign” armies are paid highly leaving the home soldiers to starve hence the tensions.

“Foreign soldiers are paid $300 while the SPLA soldiers are paid $100,” revealed the reports.

Now once more, tensions mounted in Juba, the capital as wounded soldiers demanded their salaries.

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