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Police Warns As Fake Dollar Dealers Hit Kampala

buy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to him, stuff these fake dealers have replaced armed robbers and thugs amidst increasing insecurity in the Kampala metropolitan area.

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Kirumira has warned that the conmen, like robbers, also have well established groups with each concentrating on a different form of crime.

“The Groups include Washington D.C, a group which has existed in Uganda for very many years. It had gone to Juba but has returned due to the impact of the war,” Kirumira noted.

“It’s members have funny names like Nsubuga Kagongo a.k.a Samsung, Pascal Mutanzania, Haji Yasin, Rodgers Mukombooti, Saidi Bilali, Nusula Nusrah, Jasline a.k.a Dr Musalafu, Sande Computer Salongo, Alex Katarama a Tanzanian national, Fox Majanja and Willy.”

These pretend to offer dollars at lower forex rates in temporary forex Bureaus, they target travellers, Police officers from missions, busy trading centres and they always befriend people with high paying jobs.


They operate in areas of Blue room, Arua Park, Namirembe road and the whole business district of Kampala.

They have roadside agents with a role of diverting customers from other forex bureaus to their temporary forex bureaus at a price difference between Shs 300-500.

They setup forex bureaus in different centres where they offer fake dollars to their customers.

Once they do it to a number of people, they relocate or change the business name.

The group also asks money from people to wash dollars; they always tend to have diamond, Gold, Dollars and other valuables which they claim that a foreigner lost, so they ask you for little money and promise that you will earn more once you take them to the owner, which is not true.

Kirumuira noted that Most victim of such crime don’t report to Police in fear of getting ashamed, some are prominent people fearing to be in news while other victims have collapsed after realising that they have been cheated.

They don’t use phones to communicate but they use social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Skype to communicate.

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