PROFILE: Singer Nakalema Shares Life Story

viagra sale http://cortrium.com/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-control.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>We are talking about Grace Nakalema; ChimpLyf writer, http://cerlalc.org/wp-admin/includes/ms-admin-filters.php Betty Byatesa, had a chat with her and here are the excerpts.

ChimpLyf: Who is Grace Nakalema?

Nakalema: I’m a musician and a businesswoman.

My home village is Kisawo Lukaya in Masaka district but I grew up from Entebbe where I was living with my aunt.

ChimpLyf: What about your parents?


Nakalema: My father, Atunus Kalema, died when I was still young and my mother, Pawulina Nanyonga, sent me to live with my aunt because things were not easy then.

ChimpLyf: Are those your stage names or real names?

Nakalema: Sure, I’m called Grace Nakalema and not Faridah. Faridah was a marital name given by my ex-husband, Musa Waswa Kalule.

ChimpLyf: Oh, speaking of husbands brings us to children!

Nakalema: (Laughs) I have 3 children; Perryhan Nabaka, Fahad and Abdalah Kalele.

ChimpLyf: But you said your ex-husband, what happened?

Nakalema: We divorced. I don’t want to be reminded of that saga.

It is a long story. But let us leave bygones be bygones.

You can tell me everything, I have enough time.

Nakalema: (Hesitates) I won’t make everything public. Well, we failed to understand each other. Things didn’t go well. That is what I can say.

ChimpLyf: Okay. Sorry about that. So, when did you start singing?

Nakalema: Way back in 2004. I made my fist hit in 2005 titled ‘Choice Yange’.

ChimpLyf: Was that your first album?

Nakalema: My first album was ‘Ontondere Omuntu’. I have 3 albums in total including; Kwata Woyagala.

ChimpLyf: Mnh! I love that song with all my heart. It seems you were disappointed, what exactly inspired you to compose it?

Nakalema: I was in a relationship, I trusted someone so much but later he disappointed me.

I know women love this song so much because they have experienced such situations.

But my best song was Choice Yange.

ChimpLyf: Any new songs coming?

Nakalema: Oh Yes. I have a new hit titled Nsusuta. It was recorded by Dr Tee Song-Factory Studio. It’s fantastic.

There she is

The other one is called Sukali. It will be out next month.

ChimpLyf: Some people say when you got married, and then the troubles, you forgot about music!

Nakalema: Don’t talk about marriage. I am very active. I have 3 albums and new ones are coming. I am active for sure.

ChimpLyf: Do you write your songs?

Nakalema: No. Someone writes for me.

ChimpLyf: Which Ugandan singer do you admire most?

Nakalema: I love Angela Kalule, especially because of her song, Akamuli. I love that song.

The other one is Iryn Namubiru with Kabiki.

ChimpLyf: Who is your role model?

Nakalema: Taitan Takuba with the song Kwata Mpola Maria.

ChimpLyf: Music aside, you said you are a businesswoman!

Nakalema: I have a company called Hotline Events; it deals in weddings and decorations.

ChimpLyf: I recall you were working with Dembe Fm, what happened?

Nakalema: Yes, I think for more than 6 years. Nothing happened, I just wanted to keep my career going and so I decided to shift.

Trying out the “marital” outfit

ChimpLyf: But you can do music as well as your day job. Something must have gone wrong?

Nakalema: Ok. They transferred me from presenting back to the reception.

I couldn’t accept the change of roles because I was pregnant by that time.

ChimpLyf: That was in 2002, how old are you now?

Nakalema: I am 32.

ChimpLyf: From here, I can tell you use a special perfume.

Nakalema: (Light laughter) I use Nevia body spray.

ChimpLyf: What is your most comfortable dresscode?

Nakalema: In my leisure time, I put on leggings and a dress on top.

In working hours, I prefer round and short skirts.

ChimpLyf: Where do you shop these items from?

Nakalema: Aahah. Me? I go anywhere!

ChimpLyf: Where do you “chill” from?

Nakalema: Labonita.

ChimpLyf: Any message for your fans?

Nakalema: I love them alot. Thanks for loving and supporting me.

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