South Sudan

Rebels: We Killed 55 Gov’t Soldiers, Captured Arms

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The Gallant SPLA/M Forces under direct command of Maj. Gen. Thomas Mabor Dhol and under overall command of Maj. Gen. Gabriel Tangiye inflicted heavy losses on government troops and their Allies in Malakal town.

On March 20 2014, Kiir’s forces attacked our positions south and east of Malakal and were repulsed to the Airport.

The attacking forces suffered heavy personnel and equipment as shown:

1. 55 soldiers killed


2. 2 tanks destroyed

3. 2 Toyota Landcruiser mounted with machine guns captured

4. 29 AKM-47 captured and

5. 8 PKM light machine guns.

Our forces are consolidating their defensive positions 1.5 km south and east 2km of Malakal town center and reserves the right to fight in self defence when attacked.

Meanwhile, confirmed reports from Bentiu, the capital of Unity State revealed that two Nuer officers serving in Kiir’s army were killed in cold blood on March 15, 2014.

The deceased were one unmaned officer with the rank of Capt and 1st Lt. Bejiek Gatwech Gok from Rupkoani County (Leek-Nuer).

The victims had their bodies mutilated and eyes gauged out.

The execution orders were issued by Maj. Gen. Magok Magok and executed by 2nd Lt. Patia of Military Intelligence.

Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang,

Military Spokesperson for SPLM/SPLA in Opposition

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