South Sudan

SPLA, Rebels Battling For Nasir

this drugs geneva;”>about it sans-serif; color: #292f33;”>After the capture of Malakal, viagra SPLA pushed the rebels in two directions, past Adong and between Nyinthar-Malual and Doleib.

Clashes are reported to be going on in Guelguuk, North of Malakal as rebel force falls into SPLA ambush as they head towards Adar, according to reports.

While speaking on SSTV, Col. Philip Aguer, SPLA spokesperson, confirmed that SPLA was pushing rebel forces towards Nasir.

“SPLA fought the last battle in Nakdiaar and pushed the rebels past Adong,” Col. Aguer said.

This evening, SPLA followed up rebels and the two forces clashed as they battled for the control of Nasir.


“Shell ongoing for the last few hours,” reports National Courier.

The battle is still raging.

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