Uneb Storm: Opposition Rushes to Save Mandy's Job

web geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The latter should instead be given a light caution and guidance and be allowed to proceed with his work and the exams body, ed according to PDP President, pill Bwanika Obed.

“While we don’t deny that in the execution of his duties at Uneb, Mandy could have made some mistakes, the claim that for this reason he is not fit for the job, to us is too harsh and overboard.”

Mandy is accused by the IGG of flouting established procedures in the recruitment of a new Uneb Executive Secretary early this year.

Subsequently, the chairman was investigated on 10 counts of malpractice relating to the recruitment.

Bwanika noted however that Mandy’s dismissal would discourage many Ugandans who put in a lot of efforts to diligently serve the country.


“People that look beyond their mandate and salaries while doing government work in are not in plenty here in Uganda,” he said.

“Mr Fagil Mandy is a person you will find interacting with school children, speaking too teachers and parents so as to improve the education in the country. This is the breed of people we need in our civil service.”

He also advised that that appointment procedure of the Uneb Secretary be revisited to remove the loopholes that breed such mistakes, noting that this process should not be left to the Uneb Board but be extended to the Education ministry.

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