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Russian Troops Seize Ukrainian Navy

pill http://codefor.asia/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-constants.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Crimean authorities have said that all Ukrainian military installations on the peninsula, http://cyberstudio.biz/main/components/com_k2/k2.php including several bases, are now illegal and the soldiers must leave.

Many have done so, but some remain.

Ukrainian and Russian troops had agreed a ceasefire until Friday, and the circumstances of the shootout on Tuesday remain murky.

Russia’s foreign ministry later denounced the decision of the President of the European council to cancel a visit to Moscow as a refusal to “hear the truth”.

In his speech to the Russian parliament, Putin ridiculed the idea that events in Crimea amounted to Russian aggression and said there had been no shots fired and no casualties during recent weeks.


Yet hours after he spoke, a Ukrainian soldier was shot dead at an army base in the Crimean capital, Simferopol, the first military fatality on the peninsula since the crisis began.

Ukrainian military sources said one junior officer had been killed and another injured by a sniper after an assault on the base by “unknown forces, fully equipped and their faces covered”.

In Britain, the foreign secretary, William Hague, announced the suspension of joint naval exercises with Russia and of export licences for military items to Moscow, saying Putin had chosen the “route of isolation”.

The US vice-president, Joe Biden, speaking a visit to Poland and the Baltic states aimed at assuring Russia’s EU neighbours about US and Nato security guarantees, declared that Putin and Russia stood alone and “naked before the world” guilty of international aggression.

“Russia has offered a variety of arguments to justify what is nothing more than a land-grab,” he said.

Biden revealed that the US was considering deploying ground troops to the Baltic states on new military exercises as it seeks to reassure Nato allies in eastern Europe of its commitment to preventing further territorial aggression by Russia.

Story credit: theguardian

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