Is Right Only Right or Wrong Only Wrong When The West Says So?

what is ed sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>There are questions as to whether the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) can be independent if it continues to be funded by donors instead of member states.

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If our continent, we are keen to be heard, we cannot continue to procrastinate on the matter of integration.

We cannot continue to let some members of the developed world to intervene in our affairs as we become passive observers.

Libya has become a shadow of itself, full of militants. We cannot look on while elected Presidents are plucked and humiliated in such manner.

We have to ask why the west is uncomfortable with the Crimea-Ukraine relationship.


Wherein lies the illogicality of Russian action? The west are relishing in a unipolar world.

The late Mandela, fortunately for us, was the only international figure whose voice could check Blair and Bush in Iraq.

They entered Iraq under the pretext of weapons of mass destruction. Did they find them?

Senator Mcain said Iraq was a gas station parading as a country.

I found the statement very unfortunate as many African countries are still at this stage.

Multiparty democracy has been unable to contain corruption and injustice.

The media continue to whitewash bad leaders as they demonise the patriots.

One of the few men full of respect who has emerged is Putin.

Is right right only when the west says so?

Is wrong wrong only when the west says so?

This goes against the judicial consciousness of humanity. Inconsistencies and hypocrisy are an insult to the world.

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