NGO Boss Wants Gov’t to Arrest Corrupt Officials

tadalafil 34, 34); font-family: Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Barbra was speaking at the commissioning of Ntoroko Child Reception Centre

that was built by Save the Children International at Karugutu town council

headquarters with funds from Norway.

“I’m cautioning the people and police not to take this centre as prison

but a safer and friendly environment for neglected and abused children,” Barbra


“The leaders and locals need to own the extended projects and maintain

them. It’s unfortunate Ugandans need to be zero tolerance to corruption and

theft or else citizens would continue to suffer in terms of service delivery.”

She said government and its leaders need to style up and embark on

arresting and prosecuting all corrupt officials if sanity is to prevail in the


Her tough comment came after Sam Mukirane, the Save the Children area


manager Ntoroko and Bundibugyo districts, asked the Rwenzori region Police

Commander, Mr. Thomas Kasimo, to intervene in a theft case in which Charles

Baluku, a head teacher of Busamba primary school in Bukonzo West in Bundibugyo

district, stole 20 desks out of the 50 that Save the children had donated to the


According to Mukirane, the head teacher who committed the offence in

early February 2014, was arrested and detained at Bundibugyo police station for

four days and later released on bond.

“The case file was with the state Attorney Bundibugyo district. We ask

the RPC to intervene and have the head teacher re-arrested and convicted in

courts of law.”

Mukirane disclosed that they advocated for the Child Reception Centre in

Ntoroko following the rampant cases of child abandonment, kid napping and

harassment, among others and the police would get stuck with such victims.

“Many children of that nature were being mishandled at police station

not because the police does not know how to handle them but because of lack of

facilities. Ntoroko and Bundibugyo have faced a problem of domestic violence

leading to child abandonment but we have launched a campaign in villages and

schools sensitizing them against the vice.”


Ntoroko Child Reception Centre, well-equipped with bedding and toilets, will

accommodate 12 children.

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