Makerere Students Storm Senate Over Lecturers Strike

prescription geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The strike which started on March, 13 has irritated the students prompting them to storm the Main Building today morning protesting for a week of not studying.

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While talking to students who demanded an explanation, Prof. Julius Kiiza from the Department of Political Science at the faculty, said the School is in a dire state due to lack of money in all departments.

Prof. Kiiza asserted that lecturers have even failed to print course outlines for students due to lack of ink in the printers.

“The School of Social Sciences runs two Masters Degree programmes in International Relations and another in Public Relations both under Political Science; this involves external examination for the dissertations done by students but these examiners are not facilitated except those who chose to do it for teaching’s sake,” noted Prof. Kiiza.

He said that this year, students would not be doing dissertations due to the financial incapacitation of the faculty.


On the other hand, lecturers claim that their incentives are too negligible compared to the other Schools at the university.

“The university can’t give us the same incentives it give to lecturers at ICT which generates a lot of money or lecturers of Natural Sciences who teach up to 5pm and go to attend to their personal businesses” Prof. Kiiza complained.

“There have also been issues to do with lack of transparency in procurement at the faculty whereby materials are overpriced than normal,” noted the lecturers.

The University Council will sit today to discuss the matter, irrespective of the 1 month prior notice accompanied with the letter demanding independence that the lecturers gave to the administration; their intentions haven’t been taken seriously.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor instead wrote a letter threatening penalties unless lecturers resumed teaching.

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