Uganda Restructures Secondary Education System

online geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Information Minister, Rose Namayanja says the curriculum has been “re-designed and shifted away from a strictly academic list of subjects to a framework of competences.”

She further points out the curriculum has taken on a “learning area approach that brings together subjects with related content through merger and integration.”

The new development comes against the backdrop of concerns that the Uganda education curriculum is hugely theoretical and does not considerably equip students with relevant skills for job creation.

Namayanja says the learning area approach promotes cross curricular learning and teaching which enables learners to recognize and apply the relationships between different traditional subjects with in the same learning area and across the different learning areas.

The proposed curriculum framework comprises eight learning areas which are Languages, Mathematics, Social studies, Life education, Religious education, Sciences, Technology and enterprise and Creative art.


The Minister observes that the reforms aim at promoting effective learning and acquisition of skills by developing a curriculum that builds meta-cognitive abilities and skills so that individuals are better placed to adapt to their evolving roles in society and the dynamic workplace.

The adjustments will also reduce content overload; address the needs of all students and lay a foundation for improved pedagogy and assessment procedures that allow learners more effectively realize their full potential.

Namayanja argues that the new education system will as well “address the social and economic needs of the country by meeting the educational needs of the learners aspiring for higher academic learning as well as those that wish to transit to the labour market and also allow flexibility to absorb emerging fields of knowledge into the new curriculum.”

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