Inside Story: How Eagles Production Met Its Untimely Death

store http://changescale.org/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Internal wrangles recently forced the bandmore about http://contenthog.com/pr/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-bbpress-json-api-compat.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”> that caused the band to change its brand name to Golden Production, yet the wrangles seem to have just started and don’t intend to end soon.

The first weakness of the band to go public was seen in 2012 when one of the first top managers of the band, Fred Seruga, decided to quit the band on allegations that the members were not being supportive and that the band had lost corporation and the earlier oneness.


This was after he had organised a launch in Masaka but none of the members attended including his own wife, Catherine Kusasira.

Last week, the band decided to come out publically and officially announcing that the band had changed its brand name from Eagles Production to Golden Band Production, an act they said was out of their own making and that the former name had lost popularity, so it was necessary to rebrand it.

Nonetheless, whispers have reached us affirming that the public, rather their audience, have refuted this move.


But shortly after a day, one of the sole proprietors of the band, Geoffrey Lutaaya, also came out officially and notified the public that he had quit the band and had nothing else or any commitment in it.

Though he tried to inform the public that he had quit in good faith, rumours later revealed that he had disagreed with his fellow band members over money/ payment matters.

Still on a seemingly negative note, the former band manager, Fred Seruga, also revealed that Mesach Semakula and Ronald Mayinja have too greatly contributed to the down fall of the band.


Seruga’s wife, Kusasira, told us that “Geoffrey Lutaaya has played a bigger role in the downfall of the band for his own selfish interests”.

Kusasira, who happens to be the new band director seconded by Mesach Semakula, also revealed what made the internal bickering come out.

The last Kajjansi Show that saw no member of the band turn up apart from herself was an eye opener.


“Although Lutaaya claims he is the initiator of the band, he is still the same person who has contributed to its downfall.”

She further blames him so much for letting the band down after benefiting a lot at the cost of his fellow members.

She says that the Duban Hotel that Lutaaya owns and the mansion in Muyenga are out of the efforts of the members.

Kusasira then blames Irene Namatovu for supporting the husband’s actions despite the fact that he has always turned her down leaving her in tears.


She cited out the Kyengera Show which left Namatovu in tears after Lutaaya refusing to turn up for her show and switching off his phone.

To cut short the long story, the pioneer band that was formed in 2001, has gone to ruins just like an old building over irreparable circumstances.

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