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Kaweesi Moves to Clean Up CIID Rot

mind sans-serif; color: #222222;”>The Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, viagra Andrew Felix Kaweesi, has blamed police officers for behaving so mysterious about some cases and shying away from giving evidence when asked to do so adding, that this has made the public think that they do not know what they are doing.

Kaweesi also called on police to stop just being bullies but act by the law by being quite intelligent when dealing with certain cases and warned them about involving so much in corruption, an act he says will make them lose their jobs.

He also warned all those officers who change cases from civil to criminal for selfish interests that he will deal with them accordingly.

And further advised all those who will fail to abide by the CIID services to just quit police and find other jobs because they will have nowhere else to suit in the police department.

Hon Justice Gidudu Lawrence also blamed officers for ignoring circumstantial evidences; an issue he says has completely made cases hang in police files over simple elements.


Gududu who presided over the meeting advised the police officers to always base on quality while investigating certain cases by finding out the elements that constitute the crimes because the case is not decided on the number of witnesses, an issue he says would save time for investigations into other cases.

This comes after police received lots of complaints from the public implicating them of reluctance and being corrupt, an issue they attach to cases rotting in police.

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