Kampala Leaders Pessimistic Over ID Project

and sans-serif; color: #222222;”>The registration and issuance of IDs which commences on April 14, buy more about the leaders said, faces a number of huddles and high prospects of ending up fruitless.

“Kampala district particularly, unlike other districts is more of cosmopolitan with the biggest number of foreigners, whom the first phase of registration seeks to eliminate,” said Kampala Resident City Commissioner, Mrs Aisha Kabanda.

“Sadly, many of the foreigners have mastered our languages, cultures and behaviour, and many of them may succeed in sneaking in to get Identity Cards.”

The RCC was speaking on Friday to City Councillors, Mayors, and technocrats in a preparatory training ahead of the massive countrywide exercise.

According to the Hajji Abdul Nsubuga, of the Projects Planning Secretariat, the first phase which starts April and ends mid August, will seek to register all eligible Ugandans, above 16 years.


He noted that the number of these, according to Uganda Bureau of Statistics, is now estimated 18 million.

In the meeting, some of the councillors noted with concern that the teams put in place to coordinate the exercise at the grassroots were not to be trusted.

“The LC1 Chairmen, who have been empowered to issue recommendation letters to everyone to be registered, we know, are money-minded. They will be asking money from people who in turn may be discouraged from taking part in the exercise,” said Mengo Parish Councillor, Kabagenyi Beatrice.

Other members on the Local Citizen Verification Committees such as ward administrators and PISOs, she noted, are new in the areas and completely undependable to tell who the true residents are.

In his message to the councillors, delivered by the RCC, the ID project national coordinator Gen Aronda Nyakairima called for everyone to embrace the exercise and encourage the people down to take part, saying that this would help the country taking a huge stride towards socio-economic transformation.

The general enrolment exercise at parish/village level is expected to run to August after which a continuous registration will be carried out for those who missed out, at sub counties up to Feb 2015, from which the Voters register will be finalised ahead of the March 2016 General Elections.

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