Teachers’ Salary Delay Angers UNATU

treatment sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Addressing journalists in Kampala on Friday, buy information pills UNATU General Secretary, James Tweheyo, revealed that a section of teachers have not received their emolument since December last year.

“It’s now a few weeks to the end of this month but teachers have not received salaries for last month. How are we expected to survive in this critical period where some are parents while others have families to cater for?”

“Should we start doing teaching as a supplementary job so that we can get time to do other responsibilities? The only worry is that this would be interpreted as absenteeism by government,” he said.

Tweheyo expressed concern over the way teachers have been reduced to almost nothing adding, that even the little pay they are entitled to at the end of the month is fast becoming an endless struggle.

“What further complicates the situation is that the Ministry of Public Service is never clear as to why these salaries have not been paid. If the paying authority can’t explain this mess, who can do it?” Tweheyo wondered.


The UNATU General Secretary further complained of the mismanagement of teachers’ payroll adding that more irregularities have been noted.

“Many genuine teachers remain off the payroll. The confusion in deductions, taxation and miscalculation of allowances continue to create more problems to teachers. Many institutions are not receiving pay rolls which are delaying the verification process at school level.”

In our struggle for transparency, we put to the attention of the President that the pay roll is messed up and we still insist that the people involved in this mess up are the ones dealing with payment of teachers.”

Teachers Shs 25bn

Tweheyo further highlighted the Shs 25bn pledge made by the President in 2011 towards the teachers’ SACCOs which he said they have not received yet they were duly catered for in 2013/14 national budget.

“To this date teachers have not seen any money except reading about it in the media that the ministry has been using it to cover shortfalls in other budget votes,” he noted.

The UNATU General Secretary revealed that there are plans by the Ministry of Education and Sports to procure a fund manager to manage the money on behalf of the teachers which he said can’t be applicable.

“They want to form SACCOs, eat the money and later claim that teachers have failed to come for their money. UNATU is not party to this strategy and instead we propose that the funds are managed by the apex union for all teachers’ SACCOs that is duly registered,” Tweheyo advised.

Last year, teachers held a two- week sit down strike over decline by government to fulfil its 20% salary increment pledge it had made.

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