Politician On the Run As Riots Rock Bujumbura

viagra 60mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to Reuters, the Movement for Solidarity and Democracy (MSD) party leader is on the run together with the other activists after clashes between with police last week, a move the opposition said was a bid to remove rival voices before elections in 2015.

Agnes Bangiricenge, a spokeswoman for Burundi’s Public General Prosecutor, was quoted as saying, an arrest warrant had been issued for MSD Chairman Alexis Sinduhije hoping that trials will begin as soon as possible.

State prosecutor, Arcade Nimubona, told another news agency AFP that the activists from the Movement for Solidarity and Development (MSD) party were arrested Saturday after large numbers took part in a “group jog” to the centre of the capital Bujumbura, where they were dispersed by anti-riot police after firing tear gas.

Some 200 people, according to reports, sought refuge at the party headquarters, taking two officers hostage, before police stormed the building.

Witnesses revealed that clashes lasted for over an hour, with at least 20 activists and five policemen wounded.


Nimubona said that 71 of those arrested after the clashes had been charged with “rebellion, insult and violence towards the custodians of public order, and the participation in an armed insurrection.”

Sinduhije, is a former journalist and founder of RPA radio station who formed the MSD party in 2009 and the party has garnered a lot of support from the youth in the country.

The United Nations in Burundi on Monday expressed concern about the “radicalisation” of both the opposition and government, calling for restraint and dialogue ahead of elections scheduled for 2015, in which President Pierre Nkurunziza is expected to campaign for a third term in office.

The US State Department has also condemned both the excessive use of force against the opposition and the taking of police officers as hostages by the activists.

Additional Sources: Reuters, AFP

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