Oguttu: Youths Wrangles Threaten NRM's Existence

sildenafil http://dcointl.com/wp-includes/class-wp-query.php geneva; line-height: 200%; font-size: small;”>If party leadership headed by President Yoweri Museveni doesn’t swiftly devise means to neutralize the emerging force of rejection of status quo, treatment http://celebrationhopecenter.org/wp-admin/includes/export.php Wafula says, search the party’s days are numbered.

Oguttu was speaking to this reporter in line with the recently emerged confrontation between a section of youthful supporters backing party Secretary General Amama Mbabazi and another supporting Museveni for the 2016 presidential elections.

Several pro-Mbabazi supporters have since been arrested.

Hon Oguttu said President Museveni had all reasons to worry about this budding force.

“In Iran, Serbia, Ukraine, Egypt and numerous other countries, we have seen change of governments courtesy of the youths. Here in Uganda there is even more likelihood because they have the opportunity to utilize party structures.”


He further noted that harassing these angry youths with imprisonment and intimidation was another mistake that could make regime change inevitable.

“Why do you arrest them when all they have asked for is to have an alternative leadership?” “Here in FDC we have had three major elections of party top leadership and nothing has changed about us. Any party leadership must live to be challenged.”

Police boss, Gen Kale Kayihura on Tuesday said some individuals were bribing the youth to collect signatures to support various candidates for the 2016 elections.

Oguttu said “If you don’t have internal democracy, then you cannot promise us one, and that’s reason enough for you to give way for someone else.”

However, Morrison Rwakakamba, the Presidential Assistant in charge of Research, told Chimpreports that “what many are calling NRM crisis is actually political entropy.”

He added: “And this is healthy. Political entropy is the measure of randomness and parameter of disorder – to the extent that what might appear to be chaos or decay is in fact a systems way of smoothing differences and a search for equilibrium.”

“I can tell you, NRM will emerge out of the ongoing internal ideas contest stronger and ready to defeat its political opponents in other political parties with a knockout uppercut punch.”

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